Land & Consultancy…..


The Blue House Development Consultancy (BHDC) department are in the process of assembling a team to provide specialist development consultancy services. They have significant experience of property development covering projects across the country including but not limited to Commercial, Residential and Industrial development. We have a particular specialist skill set also within affordable and C2 Care based development. This enables us to offer a consultancy service capable of covering every aspect of development, giving a start-to-finish ‘one stop’ service.

We have the ability to tailor solutions to landowners’ specific requirements which may include:-


Providing expertise on the identification of an opportunity.

Providing bespoke financial funding presentation packages using our in-house produced appraisal models for all types of project.

Providing assistance in realising the full potential value of a land asset through production and/or modification of a development brief.

Providing advice on the current or future design of a development.

Providing assistance in the procurement of further development land.

Providing independent specialist construction advice at any stage of the project.

Providing sales and marketing expertise at any stage of the development process.


To maximise the full potential of each development, we will utilise our considerable experience and imagination as well as sound commercial knowledge to ‘add value’ to each project. For the development projects to be successful we may need to assist you in your understanding of the entire process, provide your risk management and also generate innovative and investment led sales strategies. We will be able to offer expertise at all stages of the process and provide an integrated service from site acquisition to final sales of individual units.

Our underlying objective is to achieve maximum value for the development site or building. To this end, our comprehensive service involves the management and co-ordination of all the key areas of the development process:

You may select from the following services to dovetail with your own expertise, skill set and experience as required. Every package we offer is bespoke to the client and or project in question.


Site identification and feasibility testing

Market evaluation and purchaser profiling

Identification of comparable schemes and values

Assistance with development, land and option agreements

Creation of overall development strategies and tactical advice

Client project team selection, briefing and management

Optimising design, layout and specification

Providing environmental, infrastructure and sustainability advice

Assist in determining planning strategy

Provide construction and programme advice

Review procurement strategies

Provide development cost control

Propose sales, marketing & letting strategies

Undertake development appraisal and viability analysis

Evolve estate structures and management strategies

Ensure overall project management of the development process

Provide risk analysis and elimination at key stages of the project

In addition to the above, the BHDC will assist our clients/developers in undertaking all due diligence for the project, which may consist of but not be limited to the following

Procurement strategy.

Development appraisal review & sensitivity analysis.

All legal and title issues.

Architectural design & construction methodology review.

Planning and development issues.

Phasing and programme.

Statutory requirements.


Risk review.

Sales & marketing strategy