Maintenance & Management…..


The management of leasehold estates and blocks of apartments will also be under taken by our wholly owned subsidiary company Blue House Property Management Ltd and is set to become a fast growing sector within our organisation, with further substantial growth as a result of the impending Leasehold and Common hold Reform Bills, soon to reach the statute book.

Our professional residential property management service is tailored exclusively to your development’s needs. Whether you require a complete residential property management programme or just communal area servicing, our commitment is to ensure the highest level of cost effective service. We are experienced in working with problem sites where past managing agents have not performed to the requirements of the residents or in accordance with the companies lease. This can cause major problems if the issues are not addressed and corrected.

We provide professional residential property management services to clients with apartment blocks in Southern England and this will spread further through Dorset and along the M3 corridor over the next year to dovetail with the new departments being set up in Surrey.

By appointing us, you will not only be guaranteeing all your legal obligations are dealt with, but can rest assured that your development is being expertly managed in a cost effective manner.


We provide a one stop shop.

We have a strict professional outlook.

We are proactive and always meet appropriate time-scales.

We ensure all services we purchase on your behalf are both necessary and competitively priced.

We price check all your services and save you money (up to 20% reductions received).

We offer friendly and carefully considered advice.

We provide excellent value for money for all our clients.


Management is an on-going and long-term commitment. It is a full time job requiring the skills and infrastructure to support this very specialist area of residential property management. A professional Managing Agent acts for you, not instead of you. Apart from the skills and methodology, having a professional property management agent will ensure that any action is independent of private interests while the unpleasantness of debt collection and disputes is de-personalised. Residential Property Management is a largely practical exercise; it requires effort, time, organisational skill and care. Managers will be concerned with the fabric of the building, accounting, financial forecasting, enforcement of the lease, debt collection and the duties of Company Secretary.

An apartment block or building will not manage itself, nor will the interests of those who own its parts be best served if it is left to do so. You can do it - but do you really want to? From the management and administration of residential apartment blocks, to their upkeep, maintenance & cleaning, we can take care of everything you and your residents need and save you money. Residential Property Management Services include:


Service fee collection.

Maintenance forecasts & contracts.

Annual maintenance programmes.

Communal area servicing.

Minimise Service Charge levels.

Obtain value for money from other service-providers.

Respond to solicitors’ pre-sale enquiries.

Manage Insurance claims.


Large or small, our flexible approach to residential property management means that residents benefit from regular maintenance and repair programmes whilst landlords and developers benefit from expertly managed properties and happy residents. We will deal with all aspects of the management of your site and, where appropriate, your Limited Management Company. Please contact Christopher Ross - Blue House Property Management Ltd Managing Director for more information on this service.