Yateley is a residential area with local businesses and light service industries.Yateley parish, which has a population of approximately 22,000, is situated in the north east corner of Hampshire and acquired the status of a town in January 1975. It covers an area of 2,722 acres stretching northwards from the A30 to the River Blackwater, which forms the boundary with the Royal County of Berkshire. The town includes the areas of Darby Green, Frogmore and parts of Blackwater and also includes the greater part of Blackbushe Airport within its boundary. The town itself is a mixture of old and new developments and during the last 25 years it has expanded dramatically. There are two village greens with recreation and play equipment areas, as well as other amenity play parks in various locations around the town. The town has 3 health centres, a library, two community centres (Frogmore and Yateley Centres), ten local authority schools with associated playing fields.